September 18, 2010

What would you change in P2?

Automattic’s collaboration focused theme P2 is great and all, but it’s not perfect. For one the localization is poor, and I’d like it to support decent top navigations, as well as use all these new fancy features we got in WordPress 3.0.

So here’s the plan. I’ll either build a new theme inspired by P2, or fork the current one to add this functionality. Whichever I feel like, basically – that’s the beauty of open source after all. However, this is your chance to shine.

What would you change in P2?

Tell me, and I might fix it in the new theme. Share in the comments, tweet me (@tdhedengren) or drop me an email. Let’s build a better P2, together!

Thoughts? Let @tdh know on Twitter, or find me elsewhere. There is also a newsletter.