Tumblr is an awesome blogging platform with a strong social element. This page hosts whatever madness I might do with, or for, Tumblr. But first:

Tackling Tumblr

Tackling Tumblr
My book, Tackling Tumblr

I’ve written a book on Tumblr, starting with the basics and moving along all the way to how you create your own Tumblr theme. On our way there you’ll learn how to network on Tumblr, integrate other sites and the social networks you use, as well as find quality themes. As always I aim to inspire as much as teach, which means that the book covers various ways you can use Tumblr, just to get your mind going.

Tackling Tumblr is out now, in full color on dead trees, or digital via services such as Kindle. Buy it from the Store.