The Day When Nothing Worked  

Apr 4, 2013Where I whine about the fact that things didn't go exactly as planned today. I can literally hear the world's tiniest violin playing for me, and it is so, so, so sad.

Two minor updates  

Mar 18, 2012I’ve made two minor updates on the site today. The Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog, 3rd Edition page is updated with some more information, and a pre-order link. The store page got the pre-order link for the book too. No Kindle edition available there yet. I also updated my Amazon author page with a new […]

This is TDH7, at least right now  

Sep 15, 2011By now you have no doubt noticed that this very site looks different. As I have hinted on Twitter on numerous occasions, I’ve planned a redesign for quite some time. This is it, and it marks the start of a more organized site when it comes to updates and content. Since you’ve asked, this is […]

Yes, I’ll release the old theme eventually  

Sep 13, 2011A few of you have asked me of Twitter regarding my previous theme here. It was a child theme for Notes Blog, and will be either merged with the theme or released as a free child theme later on.

Now caching  

Sep 12, 2011Right, I saw some traffic spikes the other day so I figured I’d turn on some caching just in case. Let me know if anything acts up please. is wearing new rags  

Sep 11, 2011Just now I’ve rolled out a new version of, still using WordPress of course. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, as well as fine-tune some things. I hope you’ll like it!

Silence isn’t really golden you know  

Apr 13, 2011I hope you’ll excuse the silence here, but I’ve been busy writing my next book, having a week’s vacation, and catching up on work. Things are happening behind the scenes, however, and I hope to talk more openly about that real soon. In case the Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog, 2nd Edition announcement wasn’t enough […]