K Composite is out now  

Oct 14, 2011The iPad magazine K Composite, which I backed on Kickstarter, is available on the App Store now. Grab some goodness for you iPad, I bet it’s great. Personally I’ll have to wait, can’t download issues on 3G and I’m on the go right now.

Backing books on Kickstarter  

Sep 20, 2011I love Kickstarter, the crowd sourcing site where you can help others realize their dreams. It would seem that authors use it quite a bit, as Tobias Buckell pointed out to me. Buckell’s got a book looking for funding up there himself, and you should check it out. I’m considering trying Kickstarter myself. I’ve managed […]

I’m thrilled about the Glif  

Oct 5, 2010The Glif looks amazing, and I’d gladly pitch in to make it a reality, but since Gruber linked the Kickstarter page for the project I just won’t have to. Will by it though.