The Day When Nothing Worked  

Apr 4, 2013Where I whine about the fact that things didn't go exactly as planned today. I can literally hear the world's tiniest violin playing for me, and it is so, so, so sad.

You can’t put an ebook on a shelf  

Aug 28, 2012I love books. I love the look and feel of a nice hardcover, I love to sit down in an armchair and read for hours, and I love to see a great book when I pass my bookshelf. Books are an addiction for some, collect your favorite ones (or possibly everything you’ve read, which I […]

Pricing digital products  

May 29, 2012I love books and music, and every now and then I watch movie. These three types of products belong to markets being disrupted right now, which means there’s a lot of moaning and whining and fear mongering going on, as well as a lot of problems when it comes to adapting. Pricing is one of […]

What I use the iPad for  

Sep 16, 2011I’ve had the iPad since the US wifi launch. I bought the 3G version when it came out, and I upgraded to the iPad 2 with 3G at launch. When Apple releases iPad 3 I’ll get that too. In the short lifespan of the iPad it has gone from web browser to reading device to […]