Flattr everything  

Apr 15, 2011Flattr, the tipjar service that I use here on, continues to evolve. Cool stuff coming soon, details on the Flattr blog.

Thanks for the €33, folks  

Mar 10, 2011A month with Flattr enabled on earned me €33 ($36), so thanks dear reader. Every euro will be spent flattring other peoples excellent writing, so you’re contributing to the tipjar ecosystem twofold by flattring my posts. Not sure what I’m talking about? Check this out.

Hey @shawnblanc @brooksreview @jblanton, what about Flattr?  

Feb 2, 2011It’s nice to see Readability getting some press, with nice thoughts from Shawn Blanc, Ben Brooks and Justin Blanton among others. I especially like Blanc’s thoughts about Readability rewarding poor design, they’re interesting. The solution would of course be to use Flattr instead, as I pointed out in my post.