Social media diet  

Aug 23, 2012I was pointed to Per HÃ¥kanssons post about his social media diet by Mikael Pawlo, and I found it interesting. Per is quitting a bunch of services, such as Instagram, Google+ and Linkedin, to focus on more important matters. This quote pretty much sums up why he’s taking this somewhat drastic approach: I miss the […]

You may stalk me on Google+  

Jul 15, 2011If you can’t stay away from yet another social network, kind of like me, then by all means stalk me on Google+ too. Prefer Facebook, well I’m still there too.

Taking the Stream down for now  

Mar 3, 2011I had to take down the Stream page, which featured posts from across various social networks, because the WP-Lifestream plugin started to act up. Again. That one can never stay working for more than a couple of weeks, it seems. Will look into it later, for now just follow me on Twitter and fan me […]

Do we want to use Facebook’s comments?  

Feb 1, 2011Facebook (fan me!) will most definitely give Disqus and others a run for their money when they launch their hosted commenting service. I’ve got clients asking me about Facebook’s solution already. Question is, do we really want comments to be Facebook users only? Not due anytime soon it seems.

Fan me on Facebook  

Apr 24, 2010Just a reminder to fan med on Facebook if you’re interested in my writing. Most of my notes on that end up there.