May 27, 2013

Happy 10th Birthday, WordPress

WordPress turns ten years old today and that’s celebrated across the world (see #wp10 on Twitter and the WP10 site for more). Unfortunately I’m not joining the festivities, despite there being quite a few events in Sweden. Instead I’m stuck at home putting the finishing touches to a very long day, the first of several this week.

Before I turn my attention elsewhere, someplace offline, I did want to write a little something about the world’s dominant CMS, and what’ve paid most of my bills the past few years.

I stumpled onto WordPress early. I used to roll my own platforms, with the help of people more talented than me, and publish videogame sites in Swedish. But I never came to terms with relying on other people’s free time and good will, and I never did get comfortable with all the help I got for free. It was nice and necessary, something we all did together, a bunch of kids making a dent in cyberspace, but in the end I always knew that it was neither sustainable nor fair should costs and money threaten to gain control. I’d been down that road before, and lost a friend because of it.  Read more →

January 11, 2011

The post that started it all

This post is guilty to my first contact with my publisher for the tech books I’m writing. Had to dig it up in order to answer a question for an interview, and thought I’d share it. I just wish the site utilized the design a little better, it used to be clean and balanced, now it feels cluttered with ads.

January 6, 2010

The Blog Herald and why I left

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about The Blog Herald recently, so I feel I need to clear the air on that matter. I used to be the editor of said site, but as of December 1st 2009, I’m not. This is not due to any controversy, me falling out with the owners of the site (being Splashpress Media, which I’ve always had and still have a great relationship with). Neither is it because of Paul “Scrivs” Scrivens appointment as the new publisher of the Splashpress network, I’ve only got good things to say about the guy in fact, and he knows it.

In a time of transition, it made sense to take a few steps back. The network was changing, and The Blog Herald with it, and I felt that the plans that me and Splashpress had for the site was a bit obsolete because of this. Read more →

  • Ashen Sky - A Novella

    Life is hard for Dirk, who’s stumbling through the wasteland. Out here, far from his family, Dirk makes acquaintances that lead him upon a path he didn’t know he yearned for.

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