October 11, 2012

Quote & Comment

In this week’s column over at WPMU.org I’m talking about the blockquote. You should go there and read it.

I’m also talking about a particular type of blog, which I tend to call Quote & Comment. This is a blog that is primarily built as a content flow consisting of quotes and links to other sources, along with a few lines of commentary. You might call it a link blog, but I’ve never been too fond of that term.

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August 13, 2012

October 5, 2010

  • This is TDH

    TDH is short for Thord Daniel Hedengren. I'm an author, freelance writer, designer and entrepreneur. You might have read one of my books or perhaps seen my work in a magazine covering web design and development, video games or Apple. I've edited numerous blogs and sites over the years so you might've caught up with me there as well. Or maybe you just stalk me on social networks, what do I know?

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