My first post on Smashing Magazine  

Nov 16, 2011You might think that I, after having written three books carrying the Smashing brand, would have a bunch of posts on Smashing Magazine, but that is not the case. The first one, titled Getting Started With bbPress, is available now.

bbPress 2.0 beta 1  

May 23, 2011The forum software turned WordPress plugin, bbPress, is finally out in beta 1. Read the release notes before you even consider running this one live though, there are some stuff that might be hard on your server.

The bbPress plugin is alive and well  

Feb 3, 2011I did some test runs last week on forum software for a client, and while I think Vanilla is an excellent forum solution it still has a way to go with the WordPress integration. That’s why I’m happy to see that the bbPress plugin project is moving forward. Can’t wait to try that alpha!