AOL makes Arianna Huffington supreme editor in chief  

Feb 7, 2011Wow. AOL just bought Huffington Post (someone blogged it) and made the media mastermind editor in chief over all AOL’s properties. TechCrunch likes their new overlord, and spews out a serious of more or less serious posts on the matter. I wonder how ambivalent Michael Arrington feels these days?

The AOL masterplan  

Feb 2, 2011A leaked presentation from last months details The AOL Way, which is a harsh reality reminder for everyone in the content business online.

AOL nabs TechCrunch  

Sep 28, 2010Wow. AOL buys TechCrunch and the rumors are afloat. Michael Arrington will stick around for 3 years, but how will this affect his work and the site overall? Quite a bit, I wager.