Happy holidays!

It’s been a bit slow here recently, albeit not even remotely close to what it was like before. Relaunching with focus on blogging has led to a lot of posts, long and short alike. Just take a look at the archives and tell me it’s not a change.

Said archives is also the best place to start if you want to read something by me over the holidays. I’m taking it easy, and while I do intend to get quite a bit of writing done, none of it is meant for this site. (I won’t update Daily Crowdfunder either, but added an archive view there – plenty of great crowdfunding campaign that are still rolling.)

All that said, I hope you get some time off this holiday season, and have something meaningful to spend it on. And yes, slacking around playing videogames definitely counts. I’ll see you on a more regular basis in the new year (aka 2015).

Happy holidays, no matter what kind you’re celebrating!